Strategic Center to Kingdom Vision Realization


To serve as a world-class ‘House of Expertise’ in the field of strategic and future studies and the development of society.


The Center for Strategic Studies at King Abdul Aziz University seeks to be an essential reference for decision-makers and researchers in the field of strategic studies and future visioning and strives to nurture a culture of strategic thinking through prominent scientific expertise.

  1. Carrying out studies in scientific, societal, economic, and environmental areas.
  2. Spreading the culture of strategic thinking and future perspective in university and community.
  3. Preparing studies and opinion polls to measure the opinion trends in the university and community.
  4. Forming Think Tank Groups in many fields.
  5. Organizing training programs in different areas inside and outside the university.
  6. Building bridges of cooperation with regional and global strategic centers.

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Last Update 7/12/2017 11:22:41 AM